Brightside Product Cover


Protect your newly purchased Sydney Electronics products against faults, failures and costly repairs, so that you don’t need to worry when bad things happen and you can always look on the bright side!

Brightside Extended Warranty Cover protects a range of Sydney Electronics products:
• Fridges & Freezers • Washers & Dryers • Heating & Cooling
• Cooking Appliances • Small appliances

How does it work?
The Brightside Extended Warranty Cover commences from the expiry of your
manufacturer’s warranty period and continues for the number of years you’ve purchased.

What does Brightside Extended Warranty Cover include?
Protection against a range of faults and failures:

And many more including Wear and Tear, Laundry Care, Surge Protection, Accidental Damage, Replacement (under $500), Wear and Tear, Food Spoilage, Laundry Care, Freight and Service Calls, Surge Protection and No Lemon Guarantee.

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When making decisions about a product, always read the Product Disclosure Statement (PDS). Brightside Extended Warranty Cover is provided by the selling retailer of the product and is administered by ICF Protection Plus Pty Ltd trading as Brightside Cover ABN 27 139 212 972, a leader in warranty services. ©Copyright 2017.